The tales of the soft play

Today we met my friend at a soft play. As usual we were running late. Epically late today. After having to pull over a couple of times to get E’s arms back in her straps because try as I might she will not keep them in her car seat we eventually made it. C was asleep so I stuck her in the ring sling (she woke up as soon as I tightened it up) and we walked into the soft play.

After paying the ridiculous price (these places really do have you over a barrel) to get in we found our friend and set about exploring the new and ginormous soft play. Me and my friend did a lap with the kids so they got their bearings and we got ourselves a drink and sat down while they entertained themselves.

We noticed a group of mums with tiny babies in the under 2’s section. I have never understood why you would inflict soft play on yourself when you have the one tiny baby. I mean they really aren’t interested in soft play. They can’t even hold their own heads up. I have to admit. I have been that Mum that took their tiny baby to a soft play. I now realise this was a rookie error and I should have just stayed home and eaten cake and watched greys because E really wasn’t interested.

There were also the parents that never sat down and we trailing behind their children around the climbing frames. I don’t understand this. I will openly admit the only reason I take E and C to soft plays is so that they leave me the feck alone to drink a hot cuppa.

We got lunch while we were there and the food was actually quite good.

E had an ice cream for pudding but decided she would rather play with my friends little one so C ended up with two chocolate ice creams. When she had finished the table looked like there had been a dirty protest but she was living life.

C went and played for a bit longer and as she toddled off she left a stink behind so off we went to find the baby change. Now being in “East Anglia’s biggest soft play” you would think there would be an abundance of baby changing facilities. There was one and it was engaged. For ages. So I’m stood waiting for the baby change for what seemed like an eternity with a stinky, wriggly toddler hoping that no one thinks the stink is coming from me.

Finally with a fresh bum she went off to play and also raid other mums changing bags for Tupperware lids because who doesn’t love a lid.

And then they hit the wall and there were tears and tantrums mostly from us parents and it was time to get our shoes on and head home.

Both E and C had a fabulous day and were crashed out before we made it onto the A14. Fingers crossed they will both sleep well tonight and I am going to treat myself to a well deserved glass of wine


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