2 pints of lager and a pair of comfy pants

Wow it has been a busy month. Good, but busy.

In the last month I have got a second job running the bar at a local village hall which means I have done my personal licence course and passed. This reassured me that my brain hasn’t completely turned to mush since having E and C.

Then I decided to make myself some pants. Some scrundies to be precise. And oh my goodness they are so comfy. So comfy I made E a matching pair. So comfy that I decided that other ladies needed to experience the comfort of these pants. So I set up a page on Facebook thinking might sell a few pairs. Then I decided to make C some dungarees because after the latest maxomorra drop I got fed up with the ridiculous sizing. I shared a photo of what I made and the dungarees got more interest than the scrundies.

The fabric is pretty special for these ones.

And from this Scrunchy Mama Makes was born. My aim is to make comfy bright clothing for children and comfy bright undies for everyone.

It’s also been the Easter holidays here so I have had E at home as there is no pre school during the holidays.

So I now find myself with 3 jobs as well as being mama to E and C and wifey to Colon and trying to keep the house in some sort of order. My plate is definitely full but I am loving all of what I am doing.

So if you want to come comfy clothes for your little ones or want comfy pants for yourself or even just look at the pretty fabrics I have available to order come and take look at Scrunchy Mama Makes on Facebook and on Instagram. I’ll post some links below for you.




And if you want a pint I am also the gal to see ๐Ÿ˜‰


Sling meet 16/03/2018

Today E, C and myself went along to Colchester sling library where I am a peer supporter and help out demonstrating slings to other mummies and daddies that come along.

Today’s meet was extra special because we were at the Quaker Meeting House in Colchester for the first time and my dear friend Sophie came along with Baby G and I finally got long awaited snuggles and to give Sophie her, her baby present which was a Lifft Stretchy wrap. I am also making a couple of bits but I am my usual organised self and haven’t quite finished them yet ๐Ÿ™ˆ.

I showed sophie how to use her stretchy. I absolutely love showing parents how to use a sling for the first time and the light bulb moment they get when they are hands free and baby is snug against them. Sophie is definitely a natural.

You can feel the oxytocin oozing out of that photo ๐Ÿ’—.

I had the opportunity to try some different carriers out today and I may have stolen baby G for slingy snuggles too.

For baby G who is 4 weeks old today I used a Lenny lamb bamboo blend woven wrap. Bamboo blends are perfect for newborns and smaller babies and they are beautifully cushy and soft. I carried baby G in a front wrap cross carry (FWCC) which is my favourite front carry.

I’d forgotten how lovely it is to wrap a tiny baby ๐Ÿ’—.

Then C wanted ups so we tried a both a ring onbu and a half buckle carrier. The ring onbu was my favourite as there is no waistband so I didn’t end up with two muffin tops. C was pretty happy too. I used a superman toss to get her on my back.

Then E asked for a carry. This made my heart skip because she hasn’t asked for ups for a long time. With E, I used a toddler size wompat. It was so comfy for both of us.

So today I have carried a 10lb newborn, a 1.5stone 15 month old and a 2.5stone 3 year old all comfortably is slings that are suitable for them and also spread the babywearing love a little further.


Getting my sewjo back

This week I have got back into my sewing. I finally got my overlocker to work properly and my sewjo is back.

This week I have made a pillowcase dress for C for the summer. It was so simple to make and I absolutely love it

I have the fabric cut out to make one for E too. I just need to stitch it together.

I also finally made a really simple blankie for E out of some frozen fabric and fleece.

She thinks it is the best thing ever.

I also made a simple skirt for E out of some beautiful rainbow fabric I bought a while ago.

It was so easy to make that I think my two will be living in skirts and pillowcase dresses this summer.

I have also cut out some pieces to make some maxaloones but I am waiting for some jersey to arrive for the bands. I really want to improve my skills of working with stretch fabric so hoping these will turn out ok. Next on my list to make is some stretchy skirts for myself, E and C


Growing up too fast

This week I have taken E for her settling in sessions at nursery. She absolutely loves it. I stayed with her for two sessions and then yesterday I left her for an hour. She turned round said “bye Mum” and off she went. I went off, did some food shopping just in case we got snowed in and went back to pick her up. As I walked up I could hear her outside laughing and saying noman! (Snowman). I went in to get her and she was so excited to see me I wanted to cry and she showed me her snowman. She had, had a lovely time and she starts next week. And I’m really sad about this. Sad that she is growing up and doesn’t need me as much although I am proud at how independent she is.

I finally also got a speech and language therapy referral for her so I’m hoping that with this and going to nursery her speech will comeback on leaps and bounds. Although she can talk there are quite a few sounds she can’t say and sometimes I have absolutely no idea what she is trying to say to me which is frustrating for both of us.

I’m really nervous about this next stage of parenting and taking a leap into the unknown and hoping I am good enough for her. I don’t think mummy guilt ever goes away but as long as I try my best all I can do is hope that is good enough for her


It is not ok….

So this is going to be a bit of a ranty post from me because, well, I’m pissed off and upset.

Today as work I was helping a lady pick some fabric and thread that she needed for her current project. I reached around to pick a thread and she patted my tummy in a when are you due kinda way. My response to this was “no no, just fat, my baby is 14 months old”. The lady just looked at me. Didn’t apologise. Didn’t even bat an eye lid. I however became very hot and flustered and wanted to cry. Before this happened I was feeling pretty good about myself. I have gone back to weight watchers and lost 3.5lb in my first week back and I am feeling less bloated and just better in myself for eating better. Today’s encounter has left me feeling shitty. It has also made me realise I am an emotional eater because all I have wanted to do since is eat cake. I haven’t. It took all of my willpower not to raid the M&S cake aisle on my lunch break.

So I am going to say it. It is NOT ok to pat someone’s tummy thinking they are pregnant even if they are 9months pregnant and about to pop. It is NOT ok to pass comment on someone’s weight. You have absolutely no idea what struggles that person is having and the effect that comment could have on them or their health. That person may have an eating disorder or an illness or something underlying that you have no idea about and no reason to know about.

I have struggled with my weight for years and I am desperately trying to lose weight for my health more than anything else and today’s encounter could have knocked me majorly back.

So unless someone tells you they are pregnant and gives your permission to pat their bump it is not ok to pat a random strangers tummy and ask them when they are due.

How to block your crochet

You might be thinking, what is blocking? Blocking is what you do once you have finished your project. It pulls out your work to the correct shape and size. You might find if you have been making granny squares for example, they are a bit wonky and curl at the edges. Blocking will correct this and leave you with a lovely flat square.

You don’t need anything too fancy to do this either. All you need is some foam matts, I use garden kneeling pads, a spray bottle and some kebab skewers.

Once you have finished your square or hexagon or whatever it is you are working on sew in your ends and you are ready to block your work.

Now you need to get your foam matt and pin out your work with the kebab skewers. It should look something like this…..

Next you need to spray your work with water until damp and then leave it to dry. The good thing about blocking like this is that you can stack your squares or hexagons.

Once they are dry they are ready to remove and they will be flat and in the correct shape.

Here you can see the difference between the blocked and unblocked hexagons.

And that is how you block your crochet


Another trip to the hospital

Today I am sat at the hospital. After what I thought would be a straight forward appointment to the doctors Friday for what I thought was a chest infection, my gp has referred me for possible pulmonary embolism (blood clots in my lungs). I have a history of them as I had multiple clots in my lungs when I was pregnant with C. And it was awful. I had to inject myself twice a day with clexane. The bruises were horrendous and I got a skin infection at one point and it felt like 100 bee stings. I asked my consultant what would happen if I didn’t take the clexane. He told me I would die. I was in constant fear that myself and C wouldn’t survive my pregnancy.

Today I am sat on the ward where I was diagnosed with the clots last time round. Where I was left for hours at 12 weeks pregnant without food or drink or even being told what was happening to me. Sat in a chair in a waiting room with no idea what was going on. I made a complaint and got a 5 page apology and the times I was here after that day things did improve. But I am sat here today and my anxiety is through the roof. Even though I am still pretty confident I don’t have a clot and it is some sort of infection. I can feel my heart starting to beat a little faster thinking about the what ifs. That consultants words still ringing through my ears, knowing I have two small children and my husband at home waiting for me. I know I will be ok. I have been here before and everything will be fine. Plus I have my crochet and coffee to keep me hydrated and occupied today.


Secret paths shawl. A piece of cake

This week I have managed to finish one of my many crochet projects. I have been working on the secret paths shawl by mijo crochet and I absolutely adore it.

This is worked in lion brand mandala shade Pegasus and I used around 1.5 cakes. I think lion brand mandala is currently my favourite yarn cake. It’s incredibly soft and the colours are just ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ.

The pattern is easy to follow and there are stitch tutorials is you need them.

Here is a link to the pattern I used:


With the left over yarn I have whipped up a quick c2c blanket for E’s dolls. She is absolutely over the moon with it and is very happy her dolls are now nice and snuggly and warm


A fall down the stairs and a trip to a&e

After our trip to the zoo we were shattered and an early night was needed. I headed up to bed and C had been quite upset because of teething so I fed and settled her and realised I had left my phone charger downstairs. So I went to go and get it. Only I managed to slip on the stairs and my knee went into the bottom post at the bottom of the stairs at full force. The pain was the sort of pain that makes you feel hot and sick. Then adrenaline kicks in and I knew I had to make it back up the stairs because C wasn’t feeling good and needed me. I made it back up the stairs and into bed and then realise I can’t move. I’m stuck. I cannot move my leg. Panicked I wake colon up who looks very confused as to why I am pale and clammy and can’t move. He takes a look and the bruising and swelling is quite impressive so he calls 111 for advice. They send out an ambulance. I am bloody mortified and embarrassed. We waited for a few hours before they arrived and the paramedics decided that I needed to go and get my knee x rayed. The only problem is I’m upstairs and can’t move. Would you like some gas and air they say. Yes bloody please is my response. With a lot of swearing, huffing and puffing on the g&a I made it downstairs and onto the trolley and we were off to a&e. Then I realise I have my most comfy and holey pjs and again I am mortified.

We get to a&e and I am wheeled into reception where I wait. I am triaged then wait a couple of hours to see the doctor and to get an x Ray. At this point I am grateful that colon had chucked half a packet of chocolate malted milks in my bag so I have something to munch on and then I doze. Until I snore. And I snore so loudly that I wake myself up.

Then I realise I probably should text my mum and Dad to let them know what’s happened. I start my text with “I’m ok but I’m in a&e”. I am clumsy and this isn’t the first time they have had a text that starts like this.

Thankfully the x Ray was clear and I have just bruised and sprained my knee and have crutches to get about with and I am finally on my way home in a taxi. With a very chatty taxi driver who I reckon had just started for the day. I try and make chit chat but all I want to say is please be quiet, I am in pain, I haven’t slept and I fell down the twatting stairs now please just get me home so I can sleep.

I make it in and crawl as best I can upstairs and have cuddles with my little family before I crash out for a few hours.


The zoo, poo and a heavily pregnant lady

Wednesday we arranged to go to the zoo with my dear and very heavily pregnant Sophie. For once we were actually on time and I didn’t even need to pull over to put Es arms back in her car seat straps.

C wanted to walk when we got to the zoo. It is trying to walk with a tiny drunk dwarf who really doesn’t want to go the same way as anyone else. We finally got moving and E wanted to see the snakes. So we worked our way round and saw some lizards and monkeys.

We went into the discovery centre and there was a chance to hold either a snail, cockroach or stuck insects. E really wanted to hold the snail but it was stuck to the size of the tank it was in. We settled for stroking the cockroach and even I was very brave and stroked it aswell.

Then because the weather wasn’t brilliant we headed to the soft play and it seems that everyone had the same idea. It was packed. E went off to play, we found a seat for Sophie to rest her swollen trotters and we chucked C into the baby play bit.

It then got to lunchtime so we headed to the cafe. Lunch purchased and we sat down. It was all pretty uneventful until C pooped. And I realised that I didn’t have any wet wipes with me. I did find a packet of face wipes in my bag. They would have to do this once. So we queued for the baby change. Why places aimed at children only have one baby change is beyond me. We got into the baby change and it was then I realised that the nappy hasn’t contained the poo and I had gone in there with just a packet of face wipes and a nappy.

C as usual didn’t want to be changed and it was like trying to wrestle a shitty octopus to get her cleaned up. Finally she was cleaned up and hoody and nappy on we went back out and got her dressed into some clean clothes.

It was then time to go and see some more animals.

E then wanted to go on the zoo train. She has been desperate to go on a train since dropping me off at the station last week. She loved it.

Then it was time to wander back towards the exit and see the chimps before heading home but most importantly we had a stop for a doughnut and drink. E was in her element. And then she said those words at the top of her voice. POO MUMMY. My children like testing out the facilities everywhere we go. Trip to the loo complete and we went and sat back down. E had other ideas and went and sat at another table. A table that someone had just left. And decided to eat their leftovers. I was mortified. Anyone would think I didn’t feed her. We swiftly left and went and saw the chimps and bought a couple of Lanka Kade animals for E and C in the shop before heading back to the car.

E and C had such a lovely day and it was so lovely to see Sophie. Unfortunately the walking didn’t induce labour and she is still “patiently” waiting for the baby to arrive.