Blowing the cobwebs away

C decided that it was party time between 11pm and 2:30am last night so after very little sleep I decided we needed to have the cobwebs blown away. E had a dermatology appointment so after that we drove down to Felixstowe to have a wander. Thankfully a very grumpy C had fallen asleep in the car and I managed to successfully transfer her to the pushchair and keep her asleep. So me and E wandered through Felixstowe. She wanted a new pencil case for her pencils and crayons she got for her birthday and ended up getting a magazine aswell.

Whilst at the till I endured a threenager strop because I said no to chocolate. I’m pretty sure they put chocolate by the till to make parents seem evil to their children and they must love to hear the sound of children screaming “I want a chocolate egg mummy” at the top of their lungs.

We made it out of the shop and headed to Greggs for a sandwich. C was still asleep so me and E had a lunch date. I had a salad because I’m trying to be good and E had a ham roll. We resisted the baked goods. I also got my first shop bought coffee in my klean kanteen so I feel I have done my bit for the environment today.

After lunch we headed to the Thrifty Thistle. An Aladdin’s cave of haberdashery and yarn. E helped me pick the yarn I wanted and I was fairly well restrained and bought 3 balls of stylecraft special DK. It’s my favourite yarn and is available in so many colours and is so soft and versatile.

We came out of the Thrifty Thistle and E saw the sea and that was it. She was determined we were going to the beach. She loves the beach and she was so excited. We walked along the promenade and the cobwebs were definitely blown away.

After a little while E agreed that it was too chilly and we headed back up the vertical hill towards the shops and car.

Our final stop was the Wool Baa. A fabulous shop stocked floor to ceiling with yarn and they also serve coffee and cake. I got E settled down with a toasted tea cake and began to have a look at all of the different yarns. I was excited to discover they stock Scheepjes Whirl. A yarn I have been looking at for ages but not yet purchased. It was obviously fate and I just needed to decide what colour I wanted. Across the shop I hear the words every parent of a toddler love to hear – “mummy poo!!” At the top of her lungs. The whole shop looked. Thankfully there was a loo she could use.

Poo disaster averted and E went back to her tea cake and I went back to looking at the yarns. While I was looking E was chatting to a lady with a tiny dog called George who told me C was such a handsome boy. I then explained that he is actually a she and she told me she thought I had one of each what a shame. Ignoring that comment, I picked a black yarn with a silver sparkle and scheepjes whirl in Turkish delight and with that we headed home. Now all I need to do is decide what to make with the whirl and where to hide my new yarn šŸ™ŠšŸ™Š

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