Spinning a yarn

After yesterday’s beautiful yarn purchases I had some more arrive today. 4 balls of Lion Brand mandala to be precise. Lion Brand mandala is gloriously bright variegated yarn and I bought shades unicorn and Pegasus.

I bought unicorn because it’s called unicorn and who doesn’t love a unicorn 🦄 and Pegasus because it’s bright and beautiful and a little different to what I would normally buy.

I have started a project with Pegasus this afternoon. I am making a secret paths shawl and so far I am loving it.

My husband saw the my Hermes card when he got home from work and asked what I had, had delivered. I pretended I hadn’t heard him 😂. Anyways I probably shouldn’t buy anymore yarn for a while and I promise I will try not to but I more than likely will have a new ball to add to my collection within the next week. I probably need an intervention but it’s all so pretty and my theory is it works as insulation for the house. I’m not sure my husband agrees but it’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.


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