2 pints of lager and a pair of comfy pants

Wow it has been a busy month. Good, but busy.

In the last month I have got a second job running the bar at a local village hall which means I have done my personal licence course and passed. This reassured me that my brain hasn’t completely turned to mush since having E and C.

Then I decided to make myself some pants. Some scrundies to be precise. And oh my goodness they are so comfy. So comfy I made E a matching pair. So comfy that I decided that other ladies needed to experience the comfort of these pants. So I set up a page on Facebook thinking might sell a few pairs. Then I decided to make C some dungarees because after the latest maxomorra drop I got fed up with the ridiculous sizing. I shared a photo of what I made and the dungarees got more interest than the scrundies.

The fabric is pretty special for these ones.

And from this Scrunchy Mama Makes was born. My aim is to make comfy bright clothing for children and comfy bright undies for everyone.

It’s also been the Easter holidays here so I have had E at home as there is no pre school during the holidays.

So I now find myself with 3 jobs as well as being mama to E and C and wifey to Colon and trying to keep the house in some sort of order. My plate is definitely full but I am loving all of what I am doing.

So if you want to come comfy clothes for your little ones or want comfy pants for yourself or even just look at the pretty fabrics I have available to order come and take look at Scrunchy Mama Makes on Facebook and on Instagram. I’ll post some links below for you.




And if you want a pint I am also the gal to see ๐Ÿ˜‰


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