Sling meet 16/03/2018

Today E, C and myself went along to Colchester sling library where I am a peer supporter and help out demonstrating slings to other mummies and daddies that come along.

Today’s meet was extra special because we were at the Quaker Meeting House in Colchester for the first time and my dear friend Sophie came along with Baby G and I finally got long awaited snuggles and to give Sophie her, her baby present which was a Lifft Stretchy wrap. I am also making a couple of bits but I am my usual organised self and haven’t quite finished them yet πŸ™ˆ.

I showed sophie how to use her stretchy. I absolutely love showing parents how to use a sling for the first time and the light bulb moment they get when they are hands free and baby is snug against them. Sophie is definitely a natural.

You can feel the oxytocin oozing out of that photo πŸ’—.

I had the opportunity to try some different carriers out today and I may have stolen baby G for slingy snuggles too.

For baby G who is 4 weeks old today I used a Lenny lamb bamboo blend woven wrap. Bamboo blends are perfect for newborns and smaller babies and they are beautifully cushy and soft. I carried baby G in a front wrap cross carry (FWCC) which is my favourite front carry.

I’d forgotten how lovely it is to wrap a tiny baby πŸ’—.

Then C wanted ups so we tried a both a ring onbu and a half buckle carrier. The ring onbu was my favourite as there is no waistband so I didn’t end up with two muffin tops. C was pretty happy too. I used a superman toss to get her on my back.

Then E asked for a carry. This made my heart skip because she hasn’t asked for ups for a long time. With E, I used a toddler size wompat. It was so comfy for both of us.

So today I have carried a 10lb newborn, a 1.5stone 15 month old and a 2.5stone 3 year old all comfortably is slings that are suitable for them and also spread the babywearing love a little further.


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