Growing up too fast

This week I have taken E for her settling in sessions at nursery. She absolutely loves it. I stayed with her for two sessions and then yesterday I left her for an hour. She turned round said “bye Mum” and off she went. I went off, did some food shopping just in case we got snowed in and went back to pick her up. As I walked up I could hear her outside laughing and saying noman! (Snowman). I went in to get her and she was so excited to see me I wanted to cry and she showed me her snowman. She had, had a lovely time and she starts next week. And I’m really sad about this. Sad that she is growing up and doesn’t need me as much although I am proud at how independent she is.

I finally also got a speech and language therapy referral for her so I’m hoping that with this and going to nursery her speech will comeback on leaps and bounds. Although she can talk there are quite a few sounds she can’t say and sometimes I have absolutely no idea what she is trying to say to me which is frustrating for both of us.

I’m really nervous about this next stage of parenting and taking a leap into the unknown and hoping I am good enough for her. I don’t think mummy guilt ever goes away but as long as I try my best all I can do is hope that is good enough for her


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