Getting my sewjo back

This week I have got back into my sewing. I finally got my overlocker to work properly and my sewjo is back.

This week I have made a pillowcase dress for C for the summer. It was so simple to make and I absolutely love it

I have the fabric cut out to make one for E too. I just need to stitch it together.

I also finally made a really simple blankie for E out of some frozen fabric and fleece.

She thinks it is the best thing ever.

I also made a simple skirt for E out of some beautiful rainbow fabric I bought a while ago.

It was so easy to make that I think my two will be living in skirts and pillowcase dresses this summer.

I have also cut out some pieces to make some maxaloones but I am waiting for some jersey to arrive for the bands. I really want to improve my skills of working with stretch fabric so hoping these will turn out ok. Next on my list to make is some stretchy skirts for myself, E and C


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