How to block your crochet

You might be thinking, what is blocking? Blocking is what you do once you have finished your project. It pulls out your work to the correct shape and size. You might find if you have been making granny squares for example, they are a bit wonky and curl at the edges. Blocking will correct this and leave you with a lovely flat square.

You don’t need anything too fancy to do this either. All you need is some foam matts, I use garden kneeling pads, a spray bottle and some kebab skewers.

Once you have finished your square or hexagon or whatever it is you are working on sew in your ends and you are ready to block your work.

Now you need to get your foam matt and pin out your work with the kebab skewers. It should look something like this…..

Next you need to spray your work with water until damp and then leave it to dry. The good thing about blocking like this is that you can stack your squares or hexagons.

Once they are dry they are ready to remove and they will be flat and in the correct shape.

Here you can see the difference between the blocked and unblocked hexagons.

And that is how you block your crochet


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