The zoo, poo and a heavily pregnant lady

Wednesday we arranged to go to the zoo with my dear and very heavily pregnant Sophie. For once we were actually on time and I didn’t even need to pull over to put Es arms back in her car seat straps.

C wanted to walk when we got to the zoo. It is trying to walk with a tiny drunk dwarf who really doesn’t want to go the same way as anyone else. We finally got moving and E wanted to see the snakes. So we worked our way round and saw some lizards and monkeys.

We went into the discovery centre and there was a chance to hold either a snail, cockroach or stuck insects. E really wanted to hold the snail but it was stuck to the size of the tank it was in. We settled for stroking the cockroach and even I was very brave and stroked it aswell.

Then because the weather wasn’t brilliant we headed to the soft play and it seems that everyone had the same idea. It was packed. E went off to play, we found a seat for Sophie to rest her swollen trotters and we chucked C into the baby play bit.

It then got to lunchtime so we headed to the cafe. Lunch purchased and we sat down. It was all pretty uneventful until C pooped. And I realised that I didn’t have any wet wipes with me. I did find a packet of face wipes in my bag. They would have to do this once. So we queued for the baby change. Why places aimed at children only have one baby change is beyond me. We got into the baby change and it was then I realised that the nappy hasn’t contained the poo and I had gone in there with just a packet of face wipes and a nappy.

C as usual didn’t want to be changed and it was like trying to wrestle a shitty octopus to get her cleaned up. Finally she was cleaned up and hoody and nappy on we went back out and got her dressed into some clean clothes.

It was then time to go and see some more animals.

E then wanted to go on the zoo train. She has been desperate to go on a train since dropping me off at the station last week. She loved it.

Then it was time to wander back towards the exit and see the chimps before heading home but most importantly we had a stop for a doughnut and drink. E was in her element. And then she said those words at the top of her voice. POO MUMMY. My children like testing out the facilities everywhere we go. Trip to the loo complete and we went and sat back down. E had other ideas and went and sat at another table. A table that someone had just left. And decided to eat their leftovers. I was mortified. Anyone would think I didn’t feed her. We swiftly left and went and saw the chimps and bought a couple of Lanka Kade animals for E and C in the shop before heading back to the car.

E and C had such a lovely day and it was so lovely to see Sophie. Unfortunately the walking didn’t induce labour and she is still “patiently” waiting for the baby to arrive.


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