A fall down the stairs and a trip to a&e

After our trip to the zoo we were shattered and an early night was needed. I headed up to bed and C had been quite upset because of teething so I fed and settled her and realised I had left my phone charger downstairs. So I went to go and get it. Only I managed to slip on the stairs and my knee went into the bottom post at the bottom of the stairs at full force. The pain was the sort of pain that makes you feel hot and sick. Then adrenaline kicks in and I knew I had to make it back up the stairs because C wasn’t feeling good and needed me. I made it back up the stairs and into bed and then realise I can’t move. I’m stuck. I cannot move my leg. Panicked I wake colon up who looks very confused as to why I am pale and clammy and can’t move. He takes a look and the bruising and swelling is quite impressive so he calls 111 for advice. They send out an ambulance. I am bloody mortified and embarrassed. We waited for a few hours before they arrived and the paramedics decided that I needed to go and get my knee x rayed. The only problem is I’m upstairs and can’t move. Would you like some gas and air they say. Yes bloody please is my response. With a lot of swearing, huffing and puffing on the g&a I made it downstairs and onto the trolley and we were off to a&e. Then I realise I have my most comfy and holey pjs and again I am mortified.

We get to a&e and I am wheeled into reception where I wait. I am triaged then wait a couple of hours to see the doctor and to get an x Ray. At this point I am grateful that colon had chucked half a packet of chocolate malted milks in my bag so I have something to munch on and then I doze. Until I snore. And I snore so loudly that I wake myself up.

Then I realise I probably should text my mum and Dad to let them know what’s happened. I start my text with “I’m ok but I’m in a&e”. I am clumsy and this isn’t the first time they have had a text that starts like this.

Thankfully the x Ray was clear and I have just bruised and sprained my knee and have crutches to get about with and I am finally on my way home in a taxi. With a very chatty taxi driver who I reckon had just started for the day. I try and make chit chat but all I want to say is please be quiet, I am in pain, I haven’t slept and I fell down the twatting stairs now please just get me home so I can sleep.

I make it in and crawl as best I can upstairs and have cuddles with my little family before I crash out for a few hours.


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