Blue breast milk, tequila and Keeley’s curry

After my train journey Saturday I made it into Liverpool for lunch. I met Claire and we had a wander and I bought a breast pump and went to this shop called bodycare which sells toiletries. I bought paracetamol, ibuprofen, hand cream, eyeliner and bronzing pearls for less than a fiver. It was so cheap.

We went for lunch at Nando’s and o think it was the best chicken I had, had for a long time.

From Nando’s we met Sarah at the station and headed to her Mum and dads to start getting ready and to meet Keeley and Lisa.

The girls had their make up done and Lisa did my hair for me and then we headed to Keeley’s for drinks, food and to finish getting ready.

Keeley had made the most amazing chicken curry. I don’t think I have the words to describe how good it was. It was just 👌🏼. I really need to get the recipe.

While we were getting ready I needed to pump. Because C has been a bit snuffly, my milk has a slightly blue tinge to it much to the fascination of the girls and particularly Sarah. (I totally find breastmilk fascinating and amazing but I will save that for a post another day).

Once we were finally ready we headed to concert square. I cannot get over the atmosphere and how many people there were. It was absolutely buzzing.

We went to a few bars and ended up in the tequila bar. I’m not normally one for tequila after a bad experience a few years ago but they had loads of different flavours so I thought I’d try it. I tried a summer fruits and a blackcurrant one. It was only £1 a shot so a bargain too. I think Sarah and Lisa tried all of the flavours between them 😂.

After the tequila bar we went to fusion. I went to the bar and ordered my tipple of choice which was barcardi and lemonade. The bar man asked if I wanted a double and I was like well why not. He said £2 please. My response was pardon. He repeated himself and said £2. I asked him if he was kidding. He wasn’t. I gave him the money and to be honest, I felt like I was robbing the place. It was so cheap. A little while later I thought it would be a good idea to have some water so went to get a bottle. The same barman served me. He said that’s £2.50 please. My response was you’re having a laugh aren’t you? The booze is cheaper than the water 😳. I ended up with another barcardi and a glass of tap water 😂.

We spent a lot of the night in fusion. The music was good so we spent most of our time in there between the bar, dance floor and the loo.

There was a lot of chat in the loos. All of the girls we met were so friendly. It seemed much more friendly than it does down here. One girl came into the loo and she had an amazing black and rainbow dress on with turquoise hair. I said to Sarah how great this girl looked. She told me to tell her. Now down here we don’t do things like this. We kinda keep to ourselves and would pretty much look at people if they are nuts if they randomly started talking to us. I did compliment this lady and she said she had been admiring my dress and we had a bit of a chat.

When we left fusion we went to Krazy House. A club that played all of the rock music that took me back to my single days. Me and Sarah were chatting to some bloke at the bar and Sarah told him my husband was called Colon to which he looked very confused.

It got to 3am and I was done. It was time to go home. One my way out I completely stacked it and ended up on the floor. Pretty standard for me.

Then came the task of finding a taxi home. Everyone was in good spirits. We came across some street pastors who were giving out juice and flip flops. I took some juice and gave a donation and then asked if I could get some flip flops. The lady didn’t look very impressed but I did end up with some flip flops. Sarah also wanted to chat to every single homeless person on the way from the bars to the taxi.

We finally got into a taxi where Lisa passed out but we were on our way to our beds.

We got into Keeley’s and I was a little sad that I missed out on an epic scouse kebab that I have seen many a snap chat of from Sarah but we did have some of Keeley’s magic curry and that definitely helped soak up some of the alcohol along with a cuppa.

After helping Lisa get undressed because she was stuck in her dress and chatting for a while I think we finally all passed out at about 5:30.

I think I woke up the first time at 7:30. It was not good. I am pretty sure I was still pissed. I wasn’t sure if I needed to vom, pee or pass out. I opted for peeing and passing out for a little bit longer.

We all got up and had a cuppa and reminisced about the night before and I also pumped some more blue breast milk and it was time to nurse my hangover on my mammoth journey home on two coaches, two trains and many tubes across London.

I eventually made it home and was greeted by massive hugs from E and C.

I had a truly amazing weekend with an amazing bunch of ladies.💗💗

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