Coffee, Crochet and solitude

This morning Colon dropped me off at the station bright and early ready for my weekend in Liverpool.

As much as I will miss Colon, E and C, I am so freaking excited. I feel like a child on Christmas morning.

I have down one hour of three of my crochet and I have my trusted Klean Kanteen full of latte with me.

I have made it across London without any mishaps. Crossing London I remembered how much I love the place and I really should visit soon.

I was fairly organised for me with packing and making sure everything was ready. I have only forgotten one thing which happens to be my breast pump so I need to do an emergency purchase of pump otherwise I will have boobs like footballs by the end of the day.

I’m sure I will have plenty of updates over the weekend of mine and my fellow mamas antics but in the meantime if you see an over excited 30 something with boobs like footballs between London and Liverpool that would be me.


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