The packpony rage

I was looking at my “on this day” on facebook earlier and it came up with the whole “packpony parenting” thing that happened a year ago. Some of you might remember that the daily fail ran an article about a Mum who wore her toddler and she was described as a packpony parent. Reading this I was filled with all of the rage again. The thought that by carrying E or C, I am somehow spoiling them yet if they are in a pushchair no one would bat an eyelid. The rage that I was being judged on my parenting. Why would I not want to carry my children and have them close to me? Why wouldn’t I want to respond to their needs? Whether they are newborns or toddlers if they want to be close to me I will have them close.

Carrying my children has not stopped either of them walking. They have both walked by the time they were 11 months old. C who is now 13 months old climbs with ease onto the table top numerous times a day. Yet she still wants to be held. I still want to hold her. The same with E although she is now 3 and wants to be carried less frequently, she does occasionally still bring me a wrap to be carried. Why would I want to say no to that?

Someone said once that one day you will pick up and put down your child for the last time and quite frankly that thought petrifies me so while they want me to carry them I will. I am a #packponyandproud

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