Why do I babywear? My babywearing journey so far….



Why do I babywear? A question I am asked a lot.

I use slings with both E and C. I have used one since E was around 12 weeks old and we went on our first family holiday. I loved the freedom it gave us to go out without a pushchair and have my hands free plus the snuggles are just 👌🏼. I started with an NCT Caboo which I bought from eBay. It’s made from a soft stretchy material which is perfect for newborns.


E was around 5 months old when she started to feel a bit heavy in the Caboo so we went along to Colchester sling library where we tried some buckles. This is also where I met my wonderful mummy friend Katie, who let me try her Tula. I was sold. I went home and ordered a Tula. When it arrived we used it pretty every day and Colin used it too.


I went back to the sling library the following month where Katherine showed me how to use a ring sling and woven wrap. I have a love hate relationship with a ring sling even today. I hired the ring sling (I forget which one it was now) and a  size 7 Lenny lamb roses. I used the woven lots and I soon ordered my first woven wrap which was a size 7 Girasol irridescence diamond weave. It was brand new and in hindsight this was a rookie error. I didn’t realise at this point that wovens needed breaking in to become soft and easy to wrap with and this wrap was a beast. It took a lot of breaking in and a lot of dodgy top rails but now it’s my favourite, cushiest wrap.

When E was around 6 months old I had a decline in my mental health and was diagnosed with Postnatal Depression.  There, I said it. Postnatal depression. A subject not talked about often enough and still taboo for many. When I was feeling low having E in a sling close to me really helped.


At around 7 months we moved onto back carries mostly with the Tula but we did have a consultation with Katherine on back carrying with a woven wrap.

Once I learnt to back wrap more wraps came into my stash.

In the May of 2016 myself and Katie completed the peer supporter course to enable us to help out at sling meets with showing other mums and dads how to use slings. I was in the early stages of pregnancy with C at this point and I knew without a doubt that I would babywear with her from the start.



I had hoped to continue wearing E throughout my pregnancy however my health was not good and I was unable to. Although I couldn’t wear her, E still found comfort in one particular wrap and napped with it regularly. The wrap is a firespiral Magenta Kaleidoscope and to this day it is her wrap and no one else is allowed to use it.


C was born in December 2016 and she was in a stretchy from around 4 days old. We quickly moved onto woven wraps. Snuggles with a newborn in a woven wrap is just heavenly. At 13 months old we still use the Tula a lot and also wraps. Babywearing means I am hands free to run after E and to sit and play with her when C needed to be held. I don’t think I could have gotten through the early days of parenting two children without a sling. It meant that I could have C up high away from a boisterous E. After a traumatic pregnancy with C and births with E and C it also helped bond with them both and reassured me by having them both near.

I still help out at sling meets and adore spreading the babywearing love 💗





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