And so it begins…..

Well what can I say. My first blog. I should probably introduce myself. I’m Hannah. I’m mummy to E and C and wife to Colin. Or colon as many know him due to the stupid autocorrect on my phone. I am a keen crafter and crochet addict and a lover of babywearing, scandi kids clothes and wooden toys.

Now you might be wondering why my blog is called a suspicious looking toffee.  Well, one dreary January morning I am woken up by E climbing into bed with me and C. Colin had already left for work and C was still snoring so me and E had cuddles for a bit. C woke up and I pulled back the duvet to get us up and downstairs for breakfast to discover what looks like a poo in the bed. Skids and all smeared across Colins side of the bed. Myself, E and C had all had a stomach bug over Christmas and new year so my first thoughts were that Colin had gone down with it and well…  shit the bed leaving me to clear it up probably thinking he was being thoughtful leaving me and C to sleep for a bit longer. So I am sat on my bed, horrified and E and C are beginning to take an interest in said poo in the bed. So obviously I sit and take a photo and send it to my friends horrified that my husband has shit the bed leaving me to clean it up. I also call Colin and ask him fairly hysterically if he shit the bed. He says no but doesn’t sound sure and is obviously questioning himself as to whether he has indeed shit the bed. So messages and photo sent. The OMG 😱💩 replies start coming in and I am sat, still looking at the poo wondering the best way to clean it up. So I put my big girl pants on, take the girls into the bathroom and get some loo roll to remove the poo before I strip and disenfect my bed. I start to remove it from my sheets to find it is rather sticky and well stuck to my sheets so I do what anyone would do and give it a tentative sniff. It smells sweet and to my relief I discover the colin had fallen asleep on a toffee and smudged it across the bed and hence the suspicious looking toffee was born






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